Speak for a Child Today

Sponsor Advocacy Services for A Child

By sponsoring a advocacy services for a child, you are providing him or her with the much needed support and care of a trained CASA volunteer. You are for the child; making a conscious choice to do something on behalf of the human rights of our most vulnerable children.

What does your sponsorship allow a CASA Volunteer to Do?

  • Meet with the child regularly
  • Gather information from all interested parties, such as attorneys, social workers, teachers, caregivers, therapists, e tc.
  • Identify potential resources that will benefit the child
  • Attend all court hearings regarding the child
  • Communicate the child's needs to the court in written reports and recommendations
  • Monitor the case until the child is placed into a safe, permanent, nurturing home

Sponsor a child for 1 week at $50
Sponsor a child for 1 month at $200
Sponsor a child for 6 months at $1200
Sponsor a child for 1 year at $2400
Click Here to make your secure donation online or mail your check to 1450 Parkside Ave, Suite 22, Ewing, NJ 08638